I think she visited me,

I’d hate to say it true,

and lose her all over again,

but I do think she did.

It was a special day,

remarkable miracles,

when later I would check

and I noticed her,

in that lovely mystery

her cryptic way,

to lend to the beauty

of her long lasting mystique.

He wondered with a smile,

if he did respond,

told her so

and thanked her more,

would she go away,

take her life to another way,

where he could still imagine

but no longer find her

again, just like the last time,

a decade ago

of misguided assurances

and confusing outcomes.

Oh to have the recordings back

the lovely pleas in music,

if only then,

and maybe now,

but time doesn’t allow,

only the beauty of love

can be found to be waiting

when no one is looking,

and in a glance,

we do see we have eyes,

their depths inherent

with our own personal

desire to find our soul

with each heart in hand.

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