My Easter Lament

I’m alone today,

feeling fatique,

I’ve spent the morning in my chair

imagining everything outside.

I’m alone today,

and feeling peace,

knowing there is celebration,

knowing for now I’m ok.

There seems to be some want,

building in my mind,

but sways gently

allowing me to breather.

Today is a celebration,

and I am quietly cheering.

There Isn’t A Lot of Meaning in Sadness

There isn’t a lot of meaning in sadness,

when that’s all we want out of life.

It only can exacerbate itself,

keep building walls to lay upon,

wondering what it really means,

to find a way out of our fears.

Seems pretty easy to stay there,

rather than walk away,

when so caught up,

difficult to feel good,

we just float away our lives,

wondering if we’ll ever get it.

I remember one time,

I felt happy,

and couldn’t imagine

feeling any other way.

The Romanticism of Our Lives

I’m hurting tonight


I’m in love

and I cannot live with myself,

the feeling of loss,

the frustration of being alone.

It really is simple

minded to imagine

that I could change

the world I live in,

just by believing,

to not allow society

to tell me differently.

To allow my heartto bear my soul,

for each of our reasons

always fall short

when lost in the quiet

romanticism of our lives.

A Shocking Discovery

That everything is the same,

when trying to recreate

the notion of our lives,

the reality of purpose.

Seems we strive for innocence

rather than the drama of pain,

we wish to be honest

with the world around us.

Seems easier to imagine

a live of beauty,

a fresh snowfall

the blossom of spring.

Remember the time,

everything seemed in hand

life was simple,

the discovery of patience.

We have to understand

the turmoil we live

in order to process

the mystique of our normalcy.

Middle of the Night

Lost in thought

feeling the ache

of insomnia,

wondering what

may lay ahead.

This place is familiar

holds me close

speaks of all those moments,

trying to find

some solace some


My body tired

my mind at full speed,

unable to

find a balance in

between the two.


I lounge in bed.

Let my thoughts

run away with me,

so many ifs,

so many

I wonders, for

so many

years I’ve traveled

the same path.

The middle of the night

eyes open.

It’s times like this

I don’t know how

I can start a new day.

Changing Winds

In recent days,

I’ve felt their impact

walking into the cold,

there is a warm breeze

touches my forehead

gives me peace.

In changing winds

could we see the sweet

nature of love return,

to know heart and soul

will always maintain

the integrity we might

always wish to know.

I stood and felt

the force of the wind

It reminded me of a life

I’ll always wish rewind.

Though the winds did scream

hollering their wishes,

there seemed always a wonder

that made my love wander.

There is a peace in knowing

the winds have changed again.

Help Me Get Through Another Day

If I could define myself,

then what would be left

except to live a life of

some boring rampage of

quiet disharmony.

I want so badly

to understand why


waking with my coffee

staring at the same slats

in manufactured windows

always wondering

what part of this is me

and what have I borrowed instead?

Seems I’m on a journey

I hear we all take

throughout different periods of our lives.

This one for me,

I could use a break,

maybe a simple analogy

help me get through another day.

When He Really Missed Her

Well, when I really did

was those moments I couldn’t hold her

in my thoughts

even hundreds of miles away,

I knew she was no longer imagining me,

while I imagined her.

My life stayed the same

and she found new intrigues

not even meant to help her forget

only to allow her to move on.

He didn’t get it,

held on,

didn’t let go and lost everything within his grasp.

When one day he awoke

to see how quickly he wrapped himself

around her existence,

he stepped back,

thought a bit,

and realized

what a cad he’d been.

For Ignorance

I’m siting in a room

looking at some plants,

trying to be sure

I am the complete self

It seems that’s all we do,

make sure our balance

is matched with an eternal

mirror to our external self.

I’m having a big

me moment here

where everything seems

to rely upon confidence.

What of such little nature

I have right now.

I am scalded by the pressures of the day,

I place upon myself

not having allowances

for ignorance.

Because We Think

For aren’t we based upon

what we think,

then why is it all thought

becomes redundant.

How many cycles of the mind

are necessary to contain

one single thought,

enough to sustain dialogue.

Then soon swoops in

the next thought,

don’t forget the old one,

don’t make it too easy on yourself.

We live in a world of order,

and when we break the code,

we feel somewhat anxious.

Because we think.