Oh, getting better every day,

morning ritual

draws a coffee in hand,

early moments spent

aligning blind slats

with the building lines

across the street.

Seems they’ll never really balance,

but I find that amusing

and it passes the day.

Think about meditation

but wonder if in my

alone time that’s already happening.

I mean it is true,

I sit alone and stare for hours,

isn’t that kind of what it’s like

to bore deep in our soul?

I know I need to admit,

I’m trying to find myself,

sometimes with desperation,

waiting for the telephone to ring,

I still call it that,

ages me a bit I suppose,

but maybe that lends to my curiosity,

the desire to understand

how this time of my life,

call it a chapter

contains so much

uncharted territory.

I continue to fight the blues,

will always wonder,

what might have been,

what could me,

all the adages

defining my experience …

alone time.

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