Step inside

see where it takes us

traveling down a road

not really sure where I’m going,

but I’ve been here before,

all feels so familiar

the trees and sunsets

seems like everyday,

I was here the night before,

I swear the clouds all look the same.

Only this time,

the seat is empty,

the one where I glance to the side,

and see you there with your smile,

reading a book,

staring out the window,

ready for conversation.

Now when I travel,

all I can do is imagine you,

sitting nearby,

engaged in avoiding conversation,

just letting the miles go by,

not having to really ever share

what it is we were both thinking,

just wondering how we really did,

how did we really get here,

where there isn’t anyplace to turn back,

just keep going forward,

eventually the miles will go by,

and home will arrive

where we can take our lives inside,

living the same dream,

trying to figure out why all the other

memories ran away.

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