She lived on the other side,

that place where love did reside,

I always saw her walking there

driving by in my car.

It was that neighborhood

I wanted to reach out and touch,

and now its memory

is what I rely upon

when trying to explain,

what it is I’m wanting to say.

It was just that she

could be anywhere in town

and there would only be that quiet Grace,

always surrounding the imagery

that would bring her beauty to mind,

I always wanted to be in that neighborhood,

I can still feel it today,

like I’m standing on the block,

waiting for her to come out of her house,

and walk around the block

with all of her lovely elegance,

I can feel the passion,

I can feel the beauty,

I want to hold her in my arms

never let go,

just tell her I wish I’d come over long ago,

crosstown memories.

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