There was a time, I wrote with a fire. Cannot seem to find it of late. Seems I want to analyze everything, that I have done my whole life, but of late I am alone with it. I’m pretty sure it’s all been wasted time but I still live with it, every day of my life. What if life were filled with failures and I was traveling that road. Then I woke up.

Another day begun. A good coffee in the roll, hot water on, check weight, move to the bedroom, bed made, turn to robe, and click on heat. Now walk into the kitchen and find a cup of your favorite coffee awaiting you. Well, life seems pretty good at this point.

What shall my day be? Given I have gotten up late it has been a slow start. I chose a lot of sleep today, that will slow tomorrow. Time to be somewhat alert again, one of the quiet perks of living a retired sort of life. Zoom therapy to start the morning, then coffee with a close friend, and off to ski. I hope to be on my skis the majority of the day.

That’s how I plan my day. So, I clearly was not just in the now.


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