I think the terms war and peace in the obvious sense are interchangeable. The fear though for me is that the meaning be misperceived by some of the readership. I choose my words carefully because I am in complete support of our armed forces. The sacrifices they have made for our personal freedom cannot ever be overlooked.

I do believe peace is all we want, especially those so on the front lines of a war or occupation. I post this anthem because it speaks to all aspects of our society when faced with the difficult experience of war. Not as much for me, no kids in the military, and sometimes I regret that in my own life. Serving our country is an honor, and think quickly of all the people you know who have joined, enlisted in the armed forces. I don’t know if there are many individuals in the again, front lines, who might believe the actions of our country, not themselves, are unhealthy. Seemingly healthy for the livelihood of those not affected by the pain of losing a loved won in a battle. They are our heroes. As well are the men and women presently in uniform.

My hope is we live in a society where our people, or anyone’s people on the scale of the globe are not forced to participate in the mass killing of our equals, human beings that battle across the world. For our nation, for our freedom, for our self-serving agenda. In that scope think of all the men and women losing their lives for a cause well beyond securing a turf of soil. The reasons occur upstairs in the board room, the senate chambers, NATO, the oval office, Camp David.

We haven’t any control over the risks our military faces every day in conflict. We can only pray for their safe return whenever they are called into service. An healthy anthem for our consciousness, and how we live our lives in the focus of war is important. The gift of the people that serve our country is immeasurable in their contributions to why I can freely sit here and write this without fear of being shelled. That reality exists. We need to figure out a way to find peace.


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