We might have a solemnity

turns into rage,

or at least some unimagined


Our lives are designed

for happiness,

the ecstatic nature

of finding wonder

in how we live,

where we go

with our minds,

especially in the compass

of a beautiful afternoon,

with sunlight and breeze,

feeling the airs of winter,

watching the snow melt,

and feeling the crunch

below our feet as

we trek across a day.

Ever wonder why a song

plays at that exact moment,

leaves us imagining,

hoping there might be reason

for such lyrics

to embrace our heart

in that given, silent moment.

Our quiet is often so filled

with a pain we cannot define,

instead we live it out

waiting for relief,

some silent barometer

lets us live out our lives.

Oh the pain of regret

inside the solemn nature

of a wondrous state of mind.

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