I can’t think straight, and then I realize it is ok, this is only the psychological part of me that has always found trouble eventually. You have to wonder what I am even trying to say with those words. And then I breathe and realize the moment. Not lost. Still moment. Asking forgiveness, finds presence, trying to hold on. Suddenly everything is layered upon him. Suddenly life feels so permanent. The key would be to relive life with a different set of choices. I’m home in the safety of my refuge, I could call it that I suppose. I wish the words writing a song. Did you ever forget a dream? What about an out of body experience. I honestly don’t know what I am doing and would rather keep it here. How bottled up do we allow ourselves to be? What if I explode? I walked outside in the fresh air and felt the wind upon my skin. Isn’t that normal? To feel? I have an issue with not feeling inspired. Dead in the water, wanting to be in the water. Wait! You just said it. You did something human. Inside the passion and confusion is life. Breathe.

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