How Long Will I Weep

I watch days go by,

summer warmth,

laying by the pool,

and then autumn winds,

we walk with light sweaters

feeling the crisp air,

a gradual turn

to winter’s quiet

resilient nature.

We have to find

the heavy garments,

creating soft cocoons,

carrying us through season,

finding ways to appreciate

the beauty of how

our bodies

adjust to the changing seasons.

I thought of you the other day,

how we might walk together

holding hands

feeling fresh snow

tease our nose,

laughing in each other’s eyes,

a warm reminder

envelops me now,

while listening to the Moody Blues,

I can almost feel your

heart touching my soul.

Just a Feeling

Just a feeling

watching the moon

it’s a crescent tonight,

quite beautiful

on the horizon.

I sent you this song

because I wanted


to see how close it is to

describing you and me.

I wanted to stay up all night

and watch the stars

and imagine that you

were doing the same

in your quiet world.

Twilight mystique

holds promise for


His Heart In Her Hands

Opened a door

and there she stood

just like before

she hadn’t changed.

His wonder in silence

if he might, could,

his heart now chance

their lives rearranged.

He did say hello

smiled as she would

could she see him glow,

in this brief exchange.

He felt in his soul a pang

His heart in hers did hang.

Because Once

I knew

We could know

Just in eyes

We could know

I once

Took a chance

Said hello to love

Felt her return

I knew that

Because she taught me

How to love

Because once.

I Wanted to Know

I was in a hurry one morning

when trying to

ride the crest

of my night emotions,

I hoped I was wrong

but deep down

I knew I was right.

There comes a time

when we battle

our own psyche

trying to forget

trying to put aside

those reasons

we know

we can never avoid.

It was that morning

waking up

that seemed the course

of the rest of my